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Centre Street Townhouses

Aurora, Ontario






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{Centre Street Townhouses}

The project is an infill townhouse grouping of two 3 bedroom units and two 4 bedroom units located in Aurora, a community approximately 40 kilometers north of Toronto. The traditional core of the town is centred on Yonge Street and expands outward to include a variety of suburban subdivisions.
The site is within walking distance of Yonge Street shopping, parks, and the regional rail system. This section of Aurora contains many examples of turn of the century homes, in Victorian, Gothic Revival and Queen Anne styles.
The design uses traditional brick detailing to achieve a harmonious grouping. The overall impression will be unified while still providing for sufficient definition of individual units.

The 4 bedroom, 1500 sq. ft. units are located at the ends of the grouping allowing for three sided exposure. The centre 3 bedroom, 1250 sq. ft. units have an open plan ground floor giving full light penetration from front to back.




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