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Davidson-Langley Incorporated Architects (DLIA) was founded in 1985 by its current president, Elizabeth Jane Davidson. Ms. Davidson continues a long family tradition of architectural design. Her great grandfather, Henry Langley, was one of Toronto's, and the Province of Ontario's, most distinguished architects from the turn of the century to the 1910's. He was the founding partner of a firm that eventually became Langley, Langley and Burke. The second Langley in the firm name was that of Ms. Davidson's grandfather, Charles Langley, and Burke was Edmund Burke, cousin of Charles. The firm was responsible for many notable public buildings of that era including the Necropolis, the spire of St. James Cathedral, and Metropolitan United Church, all in Toronto.


Since its inception the firm has designed a wide number of projects in the commercial, residential, recreational and institutional sectors. DLIA was founded on the principle of producing value for our clients through creative design and cost efficient professional services. When the firm takes on a new project, it is with the understanding that the president, Elizabeth Davidson, or vice president, Ted Davidson, will be responsible and available to the client throughout the planning, design and construction process. Only projects that can be adequately serviced according to the client's schedule and budget are taken on. Technical services and coordination have been developed in long working relationships with our own staff, with engineering consultants, and other consultants in the building process, to create and enhance client value.


Davidson-Langley Incorporated Architects has developed its practice on strong customer service principles. Now in our 25th year, the firm counts the number of referrals and repeat clients as testimony to the success of the company in satisfying their diverse needs.


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