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Toronto, Ontario






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The Cosmopolitan Furs Building is located in the fashion district of west central Toronto. The area is home to a wide range of clothing manufacturers, fur designers and merchants. The City of Toronto encouraged the continuing use of buildings of this type for manufacturing and wholesaling operations that are characterized by loft type spaces. DLIA was retained to design a ground floor showroom and upper floor office space for the Cosmopolitan Fur Company. The five storey building also contains additional rental space for showrooms and manufacturing. Due to the deep and narrow configuration of the site, the street facade provided the only opportunity for glazed area. with the side walls extending to the property line. The windows mimic the loft spaces of adjacent buildings while using contemporary materials. The showroom space on the ground floor uses granite, mirrors, and halogen lighting to accentuate the fur products.
Completion: 1988
Cost: $1,300,000


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