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Markham, Ontario







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The 2700 square metre building was designed with a number of contextural images and internal corporate requirements as form generators, incorporating layers, surfaces, and voids. The emphasis wason a strong street presence with each building elevation, clad in white aluminum panels, being related but distinct, capitalizing on views while providing for internal usable space. The two wings of the building will create work environments for the company reflecting the two owner's respective areas of responsibility and direction, while emphasizing linkages through an atrium space and bridges at the upper levels. The sloping site - sloping down from east to west -allowed for an intermediate main entry to the three storey buildingoff a radiating parking area accessed from Allstate Parkway. The axial entry provides for views through the atrium to the creek beyond. The blue aluminum wall (based on the corporate colour) which defines the south side of the atrium acts as a solid mass and a layered screen, producting a backdrop for the sloped skylight, revealing the structure within along the office corridor, and forming a distinctive roof element. The undulating roof on the south was designed for both practical purposes - to contain mechanical equipment - and as a whimsical reference to adjacent Beaver Creek (see rendered image) to all who pass overhead from the adjacent airport. Rainwater is retained on the flat roofs and is then led into the building at the atrium level in the dry river bed which will fill during times of rain and then discharge to the outside through sump pits to find its way to the natural watercourse of the creek. All landscaping will be an extension of the original meadow and wetlands, creating a naturalized site surrounding the angular and flowing volumes of the building.



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