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Jubilee United Church

Toronto, Ontario







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Jubilee United Church, in Don Mills, has been created by amalgamating three congregations in the Toronto area.  DLIA was retained to complete a feasibility study for the new facility at the former Donminster United Church.

The report entailed reviewing the constraints on the site - municipal by-laws, state of the existing 40 year old buildings and services, and site issues.
Working with the building committee, and the research that they had completed, a building programme was developed, which indicated that approximately 15,000 sq. ft. of space was required for this congregation to meet their programme needs.

Six options for redevelopment were reviewed ranging from renovations and minor additions to a completely new Church. The building committee opted to recommend a major renovation (keeping the "good bones") and significant additions to the south and east of the existing Church.

The Church was completed and occupied in September, 2004.







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