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This laboratory, designed for Ontario Hydro's Research Division, was built to be Type 3 radioactive capable. It consists of open plan analytical chemistry laboratories and adjacent offices, Zone 3 laboratories, a survey laboratory, storage of gas cylinders and de-ionized water, and a pilot plant with waste processing facilities. In an effort to mitigate the territorial issues related to specific areas of research and the changing needs of the research scientists, the lab was designed and built as one of the few open floor plans for this type of building. Offices are integrated with the lab (with the exception of Zone 3) so that direct contact can be kept between scientists, recording of data and experimentation.
In order to create maximum flexibility for future unanticipated uses, the labs were designed an a grid system of services, most of which originate in the ceiling space. There is a hierarchy of cable trays, supply air, exhaust, and liquid supply within the grid that allows for drops down to each lab bench through a central service spine. The only service in the floor is drainage. As a result of the ease of service connections, lab benches (which are bolted in place) and individual experiments can be disassembled and reassembled in a new configuration in a matter of a few hours.
The building was designed to be highly energy efficient. Due to the once-through air handling system and the large number of fume hoods, large volumes of air are displaced. Heating and cooling is achieved by a ground source heat pump system with heat exchanger for recovery of waste heat.

The project was awarded a "Savings by Design" award for energy conservation design in 1992.

* Ted Davidson as Design Architect for Ontario Hydro

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