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Roche Macaulay & Partners

Advertising Agency

(now Lowe Roche)

Toronto, Ontario






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The 1996 Advertising Agency of the Year was consolidating their operations from two separate locations following their merger with a U.S. agency. The design incorporates elements present in one of their previous offices while working with the distinct geometry of a full floor at 22 St. Clair Ave. E. in midtown Toronto. The 14th floor location provides sweeping views in all directions which the space planning takes full advantage of, allowing for natural light to enter the space. There are relatively few full height partitions in the space. Full height internal walls are provided only in areas defining executive offices and meeting rooms/boardroom. Curved forms define the main entry to the offices and serve to delineate the very active photocopier/receiving area.
Work stations contain built-in millwork for computer workstations and lay-up of artwork for advertising campaigns. Each grouping of workstations has sufficient common space for informal meetings and discussions. The kitchen is a major element in the space allowing for further interaction between staff. Garage doors - separated by a bright red column - between the kitchen and the boardroom, allow for large presentations when open. The project was constructed for $32 per sq. ft., which included all built in furniture and the kitchen.
Completion: 1997
Cost: $ 450,000


{Plan of Roche Macaulay Floor}


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